Lorenzo A.

"Thanks to father Mata for guidance on a moment of loneliness and spiritual need."

Frank A.

"It's a very caring church. Father Mata is exceptionally great priest."

Margie R.

"Wonderful Parish that truly cares and connects with their family's in their beautiful faith community. I truly love to visit their parish and attend dear friend's life events and celebrations. If your looking for a supportive Faith based community. This is a wonderful home to fine unity with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ." -Silvia C.

Silvia C

"Father Mata has changed the community and has been humble and kind. "

Lori F.

"Father Mata is wonderful and genuine"

Angie M.

"Great Community. People at our Church really care."

Daniel T.

"Awesome parishioners! A great community to serve!"

Ronnie R.

"You couldn't ask for more caring priest than Father Mata. He is deeply devoted to his parish. We consider him family and didn't think twice when we chose to have him marry us at St. Paul the Apostle."

Tony H.