3 Things We Believe as a Catholic Church

3 Things We Believe as a Catholic Church

Learn more about Catholicism at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church

Catholicism started with Jesus Christ, who passed down his teachings to twelve apostles. Many generations and centuries later, modern-day Catholics continue to apply Jesus's teachings to their daily lives. St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church is a safe place to learn more about the Catholic faith.

We believe in sacraments like...

  1. Baptism, which signifies the washing away of original sin.
  2. Confirmation, which helps new converts strengthen their faith.
  3. Reconciliation, which involves confessing sin to a priest and receiving God's forgiveness.

To learn more about the seven sacraments of the Catholic church, contact us today.

Why do we share our faith with others?

Jesus encouraged his disciples to share his teachings with the world, which includes friends, family members, neighbors and strangers. We encourage our parishioners to do the same.

Reach out to us today to learn how you can receive this faith and share it with everyone you meet.